Building Repairing & Maintaining Healthy Relationships in Schools


Restorative Practices in an International Restorative Practices Pilot School
Eight primary students talk about Restorative Practices. We recorded these videos between 2004 and 2008.

Restorative Practices in High Schools
Four students from the pilot school talk about their experiences of being Restorative students during their days in high school.

Students Leading Restorative Practices
A primary school where the senior students clearly articulate how Restorative Practices has enabled them to bring a respectful dialogue to their playground.

We Can Work in Out
Students in this school were struggling with toxic relationships for some time. Restorative Practices assisted these students to listen to each other. This experience opened them to come to understand the impact of their actions on each other and to know each other better. This led to more respectful relationships and improved learning.

Welcoming Refugees To Our School
This school has a high percentage of students from war-torn countries. There was evidence of severe trauma. We began working in this school in 2015. Recently we were informed that during the School Review Restorative Practices was mentioned as the most significant initiative in the school.

Can You Hear Me?
A poignant statement from the mind of a child to parents.
A question about relationships
If we agree that relationships are important, why is this so?

Recently a school staff gave these responses.....

  • Safety for Learning
  • Helps define myself
  • Develops a collaborative society
  • We learn the nuances necessary for effective communication
  • Relationships are the glue that holds us together
  • We all need to be valued
  • Learning social skills from each other
  • We don’t want to be alone
  • We require strong trust
  • No positive relationships without trust.