Building Repairing & Maintaining Healthy Relationships in Schools

The Process

Process is Engagement

The Restorative Practices framework provides an opportunity to:

  1. explore the RP framework which illustrates a belief in, and practice of, explicit teaching
  2. examine the theory underlying the practice
  3. create a fertile ground where staff, students, parents and community gain a common understanding of building and maintaining healthy relationships
  4. establish a learning environment where students feel safe and are respectful, engaged and proactive learners
  5. study evidence based research from pilot schools
  6. provide an opportunity for schools to align their practice with AQTP.

The Elements of the Framework

  1. Practice Domain
  2. Fair Process
  3. Restorative Questions
  4. Theory of Affects
  5. Explicit Practice

When teachers, students and parents have an understanding of these elements, there is a greater capacity to engage, develop relationships, repair harm, reflect and measure current practice and improve learning outcomes.

A question about relationships
If we agree that relationships are important, why is this so?

Recently a school staff gave these responses.....

  • Safety for Learning
  • Helps define myself
  • Develops a collaborative society
  • We learn the nuances necessary for effective communication
  • Relationships are the glue that holds us together
  • We all need to be valued
  • Learning social skills from each other
  • We don’t want to be alone
  • We require strong trust
  • No positive relationships without trust.