Building Repairing & Maintaining Healthy Relationships in Schools


Today we hear comments from students such as:

  • ‘At home when I had a fight with my sister, I went in my room and read these questions to myself and it really helped.’ -Natalie
  • ‘It has helped me when I have had a fight with a boy in our class. A teacher asked us those questions and after we had answered them and listened to both sides of the story. I felt better.’ -Andrew
  • ‘I was outside and had a fight with some of my friends and I was angry and sat in front of the sign with the questions on it and the questions helped me a lot.’ -Samantha
  • ‘If there is a fight happening with two of my friends or any of them, I would know not to take sides. I know what questions to ask but sort of stay out of it at the same time.’ -Renee
Question Board

Teachers respond that:

  • ‘I’ve become a better listener. I have discovered bigger issues behind the behaviours.’
  • ‘The children are beginning to trust themselves.’
  • ‘My relationships with the children have matured.’

Parents shared that:

  • ‘Restorative practice has changed my life.’
  • ‘Why didn’t you have this when my older children were at school?’
  • ‘Thank you for making sure we were a part of this new way of working with our children.’


A question about relationships
If we agree that relationships are important, why is this so?

Recently a school staff gave these responses.....

  • Safety for Learning
  • Helps define myself
  • Develops a collaborative society
  • We learn the nuances necessary for effective communication
  • Relationships are the glue that holds us together
  • We all need to be valued
  • Learning social skills from each other
  • We don’t want to be alone
  • We require strong trust
  • No positive relationships without trust.