Building Repairing & Maintaining Healthy Relationships in Schools


Restorative Posters I & II

These A3 posters (cartoons and questions) are ideal for upper primary and secondary school classrooms and administrator offices.Through a common scenario, the story of harm and repair in relationships is told through the eyes of perpetrator and victim.

Restorative Posters Stage I Students



Restorative Question Cards   (Business size cards)

Questions to ask a person who has caused harm to another.

Questions to ask someone who has been hurt or impacted by the words or actions of another.



Student Cards    (Business size cards)

Cards designed by students used to navigate issues affecting relationships.


Three questions that promote clear thinking that aids understanding.

A question about relationships
If we agree that relationships are important, why is this so?

Recently a school staff gave these responses.....

  • Safety for Learning
  • Helps define myself
  • Develops a collaborative society
  • We learn the nuances necessary for effective communication
  • Relationships are the glue that holds us together
  • We all need to be valued
  • Learning social skills from each other
  • We don’t want to be alone
  • We require strong trust
  • No positive relationships without trust.